Christ is risen

May the risen Christ be known this day, as on that first Easter; in the unexpected places of our hearts and minds; in gardens and workplaces, at breakfasts and barbecues, as we walk and talk, in our wondering and weeping, in praying and waiting, in lockdown rooms and homes, among believer and seeker, sceptic and doubter, the bewildered and broken, to those at sea and all who feel at sea, to the confused and weary, the anxious and afraid, in the breaking of bread and in the unexplained, paradoxes, mystery, questioning and exploring.

Risen Christ break through the walls of all that keeps us from encountering and recognising you. Speak your peace and breathe upon us that we may breath your peace into a troubled world.

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3 Responses to Christ is risen

  1. Linda Wevodau says:

    Thanks for this good word of blessing this Easter day. Do you know that the ad at the bottom of the page is pro-Donald Trump? Strange to see on a Northumbrian Reflection page…. Lord have mercy.


    • northumbrianreflections says:

      Thanks Linda. Bless you. It’s very hard to remove the ads and prevent the random ones. I am horrified to see the Trump ad – it is by no means an endorsement!… Lord have mercy.
      PS Have now sorted it; upgraded subscription and ads should no longer appear. thanks for alerting me to the issue.

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