Welcome and thanks for perusing my blog which is in its very early stages of development. I trust you find it interesting, stimulating, thoughtful and provocative and hope that it reflects something of my thoughts and feelings on issues of life and faith.

Thanks and take care


Roy sailing

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  1. Steve Jones says:

    Hi Roy – thanks so much for your input these last few days in Sidmouth… I should have spoken to you earlier than 5 minutes to go!
    I’m involved in nurturing a ‘new monastic simple church planting movement’ across SW England supported by Pioneer Network http://www.pioneer.org.uk and Methodist Church http://www.venturefx.org.uk ( a new ecumenical partnership across the nation http://www.pioneerconnexion.org.uk) . I also hang out with Anabaptist Network.
    I really connected with lots you were sharing and would love to glean your advice on starting a new monastic movement from scratch .. Could we Skype sometime ?? God bless – Steve Jones http://www.steve-jones.org

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