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The Second Half and a Closing Passage

Apologies for those who have been waiting for our travel blogs. Sparse or no internet access has prevented us from posting them in the latter part of our trip. So, as it used to be, like waiting for a London … Continue reading

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Meals and Musings

Something you do more than usual in the course of travelling from host to host is receiving meals around a diversity of tables.  There does indeed seem to be something sacred in these sharings.  We have enjoyed the hospitality of … Continue reading

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Exceptions, Cafes and Meaningful Conversations

        German Travel Blog   Ken Humphrey   Roy Searle   Ken Humphrey and Roy Searle usually make a trip on behalf of the Northumbria Community at this time of the year.  For the last nine years, … Continue reading

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The Horrors of War and the Need of Peacemakers

Earlier this year, Shirley and I went to see the film ‘The Railway Man’.  The harrowing tale of a British Army officer who is tortured and tormented as a Prisoner of War at a Japanese labour camp during the Second … Continue reading

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Memories and the Miners Strike

I am always fascinated by how certain things trigger memories.  Like a piece of music, a photograph, smell, atmosphere, piece of drama or something that you hear on the radio.  The sight of Spring flowers and birds singing in the … Continue reading

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Lenten Thoughts

News headlines might grab our momentary attention but very few sink deep into the consciousness or bring about any lasting change. The dumbing down of news reporting is governed so much by keeping the audience watching, which renders news more … Continue reading

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