BOOK SEVEN of Ten that have Shaped my Life Community and Growth by Jean Vanier.

A book that I have returned to on so many occasions. My copy is now dogeared and falling apart through constantly referencing it and drawing from it both its inspiration and instructions on community life. Written by somebody who formed and has lived in community, who knows the reality, the joys and pains, struggles and achievements, the hallelujahs, heartache and the harrowings. Vanier, the founder of the L’Arche movement has written several books but this for me, is the classic on community life. A valuable resource not only for those of us who are living within an intentional dispersed new monastic community but for everyone who wants to move beyond the superficiality of many relationships, fellowships and church life to a deeper, authentic way for living with others. Vanier writes out of the deep experience and wisdom that is gleaned over many years of living in the community and is an essential resource, as relevant today as when it was first written back in 1989

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